Production Capabilities

PCBA Technologies

  • SMT Assembly
  • Conventional PCBA Assembly
  • Prototyping & volume production quantities.
  • Latest Surface mount technologies to 01005 placement; BGA fine pitch technology.
  • Wave soldering and selective soldering capability
  • Full 3D AOI inspection plus the latest X-Ray inspection technology
  • Test & Device programming
  • Adherence to IPC-A-610 standards (Class 2 and Class 3)
  • Full Turnkey, complete product assembly, box build solutions
  • Wire loom, cable assembly solutions
  • Kanban, buffer, consignment stock, supply chain solutions.
Employee using PCBA machine

Prototyping Solutions

  • From NPI and technical input through to product design and manufacturing processes
  • Conventional or SMT prototyping including BGA placement
  • We can advise customers on component selection at the NPI stage, concerning potential obsolescence, critical part, EOL and lead-time issues that may affect future parts availability.
Employee soldering circuit board

SMT Assembly

  • Multiple latest Yamaha SMT machines: 01005 capability; up to 45,000cph; 180 feeder capacity per line.
  • DEK paste printers with Hawkeye technology to ensure accurate solder paste application.
  • Heller 1707 MK5 reflow ovens – featuring 7-zone heating profile.
  • Full SMT rework / prototype capabilities, BGA, QFN, QFP (BGA rework station has IR capability)
  • 3D AOI
Circuit board assembly

Conventional PCB Assembly

  • Wave soldering and hand soldering of through-hole components to IPC-A-610 standards
Employee soldering circuit board

Selective Soldering

  • Jade MK2 selective solder machine.
  • Suits mixed technology PCBs, by eliminating costly wave or hand solder procedures.
  • Consistent quality assurance through precision-controlled solder application.
selective solder machine

Conformal Coating

  • Delta 6 PVA robotic conformal coating/dispensing system with repeatability of 25 microns
  • Selective coating, potting, bead and meter-mix dispensing applications.
  • Conformal coating, Dam & Fill, potting, robotic gasketing and encapsulation applications
robotic conformal coating machine


  • Full 3D inspection capability
  • Component verification, orientation, polarity, solder fillet, component leg lift, component height verification.
3D display on computer monitor


  • Latest Nordson Dage Quadra 3 X-Ray equipment
  • High magnification of range of potential manufacturing defects including: BGA, QFN, IGBT attachment, PTH filling, interfacial voiding, component cracking and counterfeit device screening.
employee using x-ray equipment
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